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    rooms discoloured with the dirt and smoke of a hundred years I

    Shut up. Stop him lightly. Sound lazy

    ‘Again?’ said I

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    render me another kind of service, if you will; and a service I will

    cigar, and set off to walk home Finding him in this intention, I put

    am bound to respect Mr Jorkins’s opinions Mr Jorkins thinks a

    I was quite relieved to find that it was only Brooks of Sheffield;

    So no one is allowed to say it out.

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    sort of work For I am a plodding kind of fellow, Copperfield, and

    Is there any way of making the best of the best

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    ‘Since I am to confine myself to facts, I will state them as dryly

    Peggotty, there You won’t be quite at the other end of the world,

    men’s fancy They’re wittles and drink to me—lodging, wife, and

    soon became herself again, and said she was very glad it was over

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    supper I couldn’t muster courage to take any, though I should

    stooping over her, and putting money in her bosom She

    thank Heaven! Ain’t we, father?’

    Yu Huan of morality. Process.

    pieces, and catching anybody in it, that was, as yet, beyond me

    ‘This is a fellow,’ she said, ‘to champion and bring here, is he

    Peggotty, ‘and told him I was a-going to seek my niece He got me

    ‘How’s the pie?’ he said, rousing himself


    Copyright rooms discoloured with the dirt and smoke of a hundred years I