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    grave beneath the tree is blotted out by intervening objects how

    In this house, and with this family, I passed my leisure time My

    The blowing of the coach-horn in the yard was a seasonable

    reference to any wrong she could possibly suspect me of, I shrunk

    joke, and tossed it back to me, nodded once, as slightly as before,

    the fainter glimmering of the stars, and the pale light in the sky

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics


    my darling child, and I forgive her!”’

    When this dreadful exordium was over, and Tungay had

    ‘But don’t you call him by it, whatever you do He can’t bear his

    No Annie was there; and when they called to her, no Annie

    clear, and beam encouragement upon me, with its own angelic

    and I felt, rather than saw, that the resemblance was not lost on

    being inconvenient to nobody, if it were not so to me It was a

    knowledge of the whole science of navigation, in which (as we

    minutes by my watch When at length she put her arm through

    ‘Say you have no such thought, dear Agnes! Much more than

    distant chop in the air with her knife ‘Go along! No boys here!’

    not sure whether I have mentioned that, when Mr Micawber was

    twenty times richer and twenty times wiser, and be the torment to

    ‘Not at all,’ I said, loftily ‘There is no reason why you should

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