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    upon the corks or finished bottles to be packed in casks All this

    freshest things in my remembrance

    for her, she had but to say the word, and I was ready Life without

    and encouragement He put his hand upon my shoulder, as it had

    stillness seemed to reign through the whole house! How well I

    sitting perfectly upright, with her hands folded on one knee, and

    between you and me solely, and not to be referred to, up at the

    clothes Mr Chillip is in the room, and comes to speak to me

    that any young lady ever came, or proposed to come; or that the

    ‘Copperfield’, and saying, ‘Why did you try to smoke? You might

    skittles, now, which is healthy, you might find it divert your mind,

    Punch, when he’s a good un, is worth his weight in gold Did you

    red whisker, on which he established an amount of presumption

    tilt of the cart, ‘Clara Peggotty’—apparently as a private

    ‘A bachelor!’ I said, astonished ‘Why, who’s that, Mr

    ‘I am all in a tremble,’ faltered my mother ‘I don’t know what’s

    undressed, and went to bed; and, there, I began to wonder

    David Copperfield

    Coming into Canterbury, I loitered through the old streets with

    Brooks of Sheffield That’s your name’

    never could be a better opportunity I had a new pride in my


    Copyright upon the corks or finished bottles to be packed in casks All this