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    see you well sir

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    Steerforth’s replying in the affirmative, she pushed a chair against

    our favoured island (where the society may be described as a

    Tungay’s friend, and who, assisting in the school, had once held

    He was waiting for us, in fact, at the public-house; and asked

    use your rubbing yourselves; you won’t rub the marks out that I

    ashamed to allude to a commonplace thing like my box, to a

    night It appeared to me that Miss Spenlow received too many

    ‘My dear,’ said Mr Micawber, ‘if you will mention to

    ‘It don’t matter,’ said Traddles ‘I began, by means of his

    hangers-on and outsiders about the Commons, who, without being

    I did something—bowed, I suppose—and was all attention,

    known to every boy in the school; and though he never took an

    David Copperfield

    me, on the part of Mrs Micawber, myself, and our offspring, to

    and the kitchen table With these possessions we encamped, as it

    If anything, short of being in a different relation to every one

    I had some shadowy idea of endeavouring to evade the

    to one! There is nothing that is so much one’s beau-ideal of—of all

    David Copperfield

    pastry-cook’s myself Walking along the Strand, afterwards, and

    David Copperfield

    as he could; but not, I thought, without showing, by some marks of

    Micawber should exert himself and—I will add—assert himself,

    not think the worse of my umbleness, if I make a little confidence

    unexpectedly, that we were all three discomposed; until Tiffey


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